For my first ever rider profile, I decided to go with the dude that originally got me hooked on cycling and kept my interest for years to come. I met Josh in our freshman year of college and in that same year, I bought my first road bike. For many years after that, all of my memories of cycling include Josh – from carpooling to cross races together to taking back-to-back podiums at Cranksgiving in skinny jeans on our fixed gears. We’ve created and shared countless memories on and off the bike, and he’s one of the most inspirational riders I’ve ever met. Without further ado:

How You Got Into Cycling:

I started off riding bikes about the same way every cyclist in Iowa starts off riding bikes: RAGBRAI. Minus the fact that I was roughly 75 pounds heavier, and I only rode my bike the two weeks prior to the annual great ride and then let my bike sit in the garage until next July. In college, the light bulb finally came on, and I realized that I was quite overweight, didn’t eat very well, and hated driving cars. I started commuting to courses simply because parking sucked, usually it was quicker, and I started to burn those calories — and the obsession stuck. I went on my first ride with the UNI Cycling Club and got spat out the back (I was somehow blind to the amount of work cycling actually took), but loved every minute of it. I went to a few of the indoor trainer rides, was stoked when I spun for an hour, and called it good. I did my first collegiate race weekend as a Cat D (wuht up, wuht up) and got lapped by the field twice. Somehow, I still loved it, and here I am today.

Current Favorite Bike:

2016 Focus Mares – all day smasher

Favorite Type of Riding:

All Day Brevet Jammerz. Otherwise known as, Ramblin’.


1. Get a handlebar bag. It looks pro, and you can stash so much shit in there.

2. Cook your own food, and don’t waste calories on gels.

3. Take it seriously but not seriously at all.

Favorite Cycling Story:

I’ve had a lot of wonderful rides ever since I moved out to Colorado, but some of my favorite cycling memories include the memories that I can’t quite recall. Back in Cedar Falls, I helped rejuvenate the group ride series nicknamed the HammerRide. We always met up for beers afterward, and well, usually that led to getting Hammered.



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