Bike Month Goal Reflection

Well I’m only 8 days late on my goal reflection. Honestly though, between an insane amount of riding and starting a new job, I’m going to count it as a win. It was definitely a busy month, and there were a few rides that put me in the hurt locker (namely riding to soccer, playing soccer, and then riding home from soccer). Overall, though, I spent a great amount of time in the saddle and only had like 5 flats – that’s another story, though.

Back to the goal reflection. If you remember, I had a few goals with one or two that may have been a bit lofty. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Ride my bike somewhere every day. Well, as anticipated, this one was the easiest. When we went to Michigan, we actually only spent two nights there. So on the day we left, I rode my bike to the airport to pick up the rental car (with my rack in tow). On the day we were there, I rented a bike from the Ann Arbor Bike Share, ArborBike. Once we got back, I ran a few errands. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


2. Hit 400 miles. This was a bit of a stretch. I rode pretty much everywhere that I had the time for. I ended up with just barely over 400 miles. The good news is that I was able to log all of them as transportation miles!

3. Ride more miles by bike than I ride in a car. This was a bit harder than I was expecting. The real killer was a trip to my dad’s nearly every weekend. He lives about 60 miles round trip away, and those add up quick. At the end of the month, though, I only ended up riding in a car 337.1 miles. I’m pretty stoked to have that insane of a margin, but during a regular month I think I may be losing that battle.

4. Lead my company in miles. This was the only goal that I failed to achieve. I may have done too good a job advertising Bike Month, so I came in 5th for the month. I’m entirely flabbergasted that we had so many die hard participants this year, and as a company we rode nearly 1,000 more miles this year than last year, so it’s sort of a bittersweet loss.

75% goal achievement is pretty okay in my book. At the very least, it got me out on my bike every day in May, and I got to ride a few new trails/areas of town that I haven’t before. I’m a bit curious, does anyone have any wild stories from Bike Month that they’d want to share? Any crazy experiences? See you all next year!


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